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Barkopolis Park + Pub | HOLIDAY Pop-Up Dog Park

Come Join Barkopolis Park + Pub in Downtown Lafayette for our second pop-up park that's sure to be an even bigger party than the first! This holiday-themed canine cooperative will feature seasonal treats and eats, pup-tested parent-approved market items, and even a Santa scene for Fido to furry up to :) Only $1 donation per dog for park entry! Food and beverage bracelets will be sold separately. STAY TUNED FOR UPDATES and Eventbrite ticketing!

This amazing partnership event with the The Wurst Biergarten, and in support of SpayNation - Wild Cat Foundation, will feature food and beverages for those in attendance, as well as tons of playmates and fun for all of Lafayette's Furry Family! Barkopolis Park + Pub and ALL of the supporting vendors DEFINITELY love dogs as much as you do!

For more details & information, please visit the event on Facebook at

Be sure to grab your tickets right here via Eventbrite:

*All well-socialized dogs admitted. All dogs must be leashed prior to entry. Off-leash and supervised pets allowed in play area only. For the safety of yours and others' dogs, please make sure your dog is up to date on vaccinations and spayed or neutered. Still want to join the festivities, but your dog isn't spayed or neutered? Come check us out anyway and ask about low-cost spay/neuter through SpayNation for Dogs & Cats!

Come join me on Saturday, DECEMBER 3rd 2016 for BARKOPOLIS PARK & PUB'S HOLIDAY 'POP-UP DOG PARK' Event from 11:00AM – 4:00 PM!!!


WHAT: A Dog Park for Your Furry Family to Romp & Play & a Pub for You to Socialize & Relax!! 

WHEN: SATURDAY!!!! (This Saturday!!) DECEMBER 3rd 2016

TIME: 11:00AM - 4:00PM

WHERE: Parc de Lafayette {The Wurst Biergarten} @ 539 Jefferson Street - Lafayette, LA

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